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Custom Jackets, Now and Then

Here’s a selection of women—who have been tainted or touched by country music—making wonderful songs and recordings. Mostly, I hear the influence of country music from before country acts went all pop and rock—now everyone swapped places, just a little. Some of these folks do come from Nashville, but many others have nothing to do with Music City USA whatsoever…but it seems to me they must have absorbed just a little of that influence somewhere along the line, in the blood or in the air.

David Byrne

This Tornado Loves You Neko Case Amazon
Crescent City Lucinda Williams Amazon
Night Still Comes Neko Case Amazon
Own Side Caitlin Rose Amazon
She's Not Me Jenny Lewis Amazon
Somebody To Love Valerie June Amazon
The Next Time You Say Forever Neko Case Amazon
Dear Someone Gillian Welch Amazon
I'm Looking For Blue Eyes Jessi Colter Amazon
Just One Of The Guys Jenny Lewis Amazon
I'm From Nowhere Neko Case Amazon
Open Season on My Heart Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell Amazon
Polar Nettles Neko Case Amazon
Shanghai Cigarettes Caitlin Rose Amazon
Wrecking Ball Emmylou Harris Amazon
Acid Tongue Jenny Lewis Amazon
New York Caitlin Rose Amazon
Raining The Haden Triplets Amazon
Vengeance Is Sleeping Neko Case Amazon
Wanna Be On Your Mind Valerie June Amazon
Breakfast In Bed Shelby Lynne Amazon
Crescent City Emmylou Harris Amazon
I Don't Wanna Go to Work Lissie Amazon
I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll Gillian Welch Amazon
Making Believe The Haden Triplets Amazon
Nearly Midnight, Honolulu Neko Case Amazon
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Neko Case Amazon
What We Really Want Rosanne Cash Amazon
Why Can't You Be? Shelby Lynne  
Gonna Get Along Without You Now She & Him Amazon
Hello, Bunny Amy Cook Amazon
Sweet Old World Emmylou Harris Amazon
Afraid Neko Case Amazon
Get Right With God Lucinda Williams Amazon
If I Were You Julie Roberts Amazon
Magpie To The Morning Neko Case Amazon
Sinful Wishing Well Caitlin Rose Amazon
You Can’t Be Told Valerie June Amazon
I Bet on You Lissie Amazon
I'm An Animal Neko Case Amazon
Local Girl Neko Case Amazon
Orphan Girl Emmylou Harris Amazon
The Voyager Jenny Lewis Amazon
Whiskey Girl Gillian Welch Amazon
Blackhawk Emmylou Harris Amazon
Sing A Song For Them Jenny Lewis Amazon
Where Did I Leave That Fire Neko Case Amazon
Don't Forget Me Neko Case Amazon
Ragtime Neko Case Amazon
Dreamin' Kelly Willis & Bruce Robisin Amazon
If You Can't Sleep She & Him Amazon
The Pharoahs Neko Case Amazon
If She's Where You Like Livin' (You Won't Feel At Home With Me) Jessi Colter Amazon
Red Tide Neko Case Amazon
Your Southern Heart Rosanne Cash Amazon
Total running time: 3:12


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