David Byne: Writing head, too

Via Kansas City Star

By Tom Ryan

David Byrne’s new book, “Bicycle Diaries” came out last week. But if you just want a taste of his writing and perspectives, visit his blog. David’s been blogging for five years and to see his body of online work is impressive. What makes his book so topical and fun?

He seems to have a great hope in human kind to evolve and adapt. His own adaptations, demonstrated through his music, over the years has something to teach us. He wouldn’t forego his humility to say this, though. And that humility, combined with his willingness to change could be a simple two-step life program for anyone willing to read or listen to his words.

His bicycle use is a sort of departure point for his perspectives on modern life, especially the trend of urban living, and with that, living with people. David loves to interact with people and this book has a few interesting people for us to meet. What’s pleasant about David’s writing is his lack of arresting, emotional judgments. He doesn’t preach, he shows and tells.

In a world where media sometimes works to shake us and shock us, David takes you gently by the hand, inviting you to bike along and enjoy. He’s not naïve, but his observational innocence and wide-eyed curiosity and joy of living is great for artists to consider and understand. Like Andy Warhol, David Byrne shows us modern life in a mirror that includes us in the image…or in David’s case, the notes, played and in this instance, written. Have fun.

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