Review: Big Love: Hymnal

Via Above the Fold

By Santos Ramos

What heterosexual male wouldn’t want to be Bill Paxton’s character on the HBO series Big Love? You can’t argue with three wives, a lot of money, and having your life’s soundtrack written by David Byrne. Actually, you would probably argue a lot if you had three wives. Anyway! David Byrne delivers a masterful ensemble of audio-blip ecstasy that will lift you up to the zenith of aural serenity. Perhaps it’s not as dramatic as that, but it’s nothing short of captivating. It exudes a dreamy aroma, using the softer sounds of orchestral arrangement while also incorporating cleanly guitars. The percussion section is often in the background, if present at all, but this adds to its vivid power when making its way to the forefront at selected moments; such as is in Byrne’s "The Breastplate of Righteousness". The last track of the collection is a delectable change. Byrne’s version of "Blue Hawaii" is exactly what its title implies: rhythmic acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and tropical supporting vocals that paint a picture of a cool day on a mellow island. It is a clever ending to magnificent collection of music.

December Radio David Byrne Presents: Arabia

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