Former Talking Heads leader plays one heck of an eccentric concert

Via South China Morning Post

By Andrew Sun

Former Talking Heads leader David Byrne played one heck of an eccentric concert on Monday night at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. He and his band were completely dressed in white to complement the singer's now silver hair, and the audience was equally middle-aged.

As the crowd filed out after the show, there was a lot of reminiscing about college days on the escalator. Giving the crowd what they wanted, Byrne charged through his new material early and left most of the second half for such classics as "Crosseyed and Painless," "Once in a Lifetime," "Life During Wartime" and closing the second encore with the crowd-pleaser "Burning Down The House."

True to his non-mainstream roots, the show featured three very untypical dancers, who were alternately doing Martha Graham and Bob Fosse to the songs. Often the backup singers and Byrne even joined in the funky choreography. Still, the most unusual thing about his Hong Kong visit was the fact that the musician brought his bicycle with him. It's unclear where exactly Byrne did his bike riding. He wasn't here long enough to visit our country parks.

A concert rep suggested he took the bike across to Tsim Sha Tsui and the streets of Kowloon. "He did say it's not easy to bike here." We can imagine him in Hong Kong traffic asking out loud, "my God, how did I get here!"

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