It’s all white on the night

Via Evening Chronicle

By Garry Willey

He came on stage in brilliant white from his hair to his clothes; from his strat to his shoes; from his band to his rather splendid dancers.

And brilliant was pretty much the word all round, as the man who sealed his greatness with the iconic, edgy funk of Talking Heads a generation ago showing live at least that he still has it all.

Touring his new collaboration with '70s compadre Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, Byrne blew the dust from a string of the songs the pair created a lifetime ago.

How could we have forgotten they sounded this good? Time hadn't touched them, the rhythms supple, those melodies so memorable, and the hooks still three-barb biters sounding fresh and wonderful.

Pacing the set nicely, Byrne slowed it down with gospel-esque cuts from the new album country-fused My Big Nurse and the almost childish lilt of the closing title track were highlights.

He then let rip on the classics.

Take Me To The River was a stately, shimmering gem, Life During Wartime potent and tough, Once In A Lifetime an inevitable, rousing favourite.

Around the music, the dancers spun magic and fun while Byrne himself was all presence.

His voice sounded better than ever, his solos full of jagged menace, and he moved like only he could ever move.

Who else could get away with decking himself and the rest of troupe in tutus white of course to kick off the encores with an awesome Burning Down The House? Now that's invention.

A stunning show and a timely reminder to dig out all that old Talking Heads vinyl.

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