David Byrne & St. Vincent Act Weird in ‘Who’ Video

Via Bullett Media

By Jeremy Gordon

Musically speaking, there are a lot of things to chew on in David Byrne and St. Vincent’s “Who”: a rhythm that uneasily expands and snaps, a brassy horn section, the striking way in which Byrne’s signature yelp interlocks with Annie Clark’s breathy not-yelp, lyrics that present Byrne’s best questioning this side of “Once in a Lifetime.” The video, directed by Martin de Thurah, is something to admire as well. Here, we see Byrne and Clark interacting in some confused way on an abandoned road, alternating between inscrutable storyline and impromptu dancing instruction, though knowing when to bust out such rickety steps on the club floor boils down to trial and error. The song is off their collaborative record, Love This Giant, which comes out next week; if you haven’t read too much about it, here are a pair of informative articles.

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