David Byrne & St. Vincent Love This Giant

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By Laura Studarus

Over three albums, Annie Clark has sandpapered her Disney princess pop into an altogether wilder beast. Who better to aid her in the transformation from doe-eyed dear to new wave weirdo than David Byrne? The helping hands extend in both directions, as Clark imbues Byrne’s jittery worldview with an undeniable elegance. As a result, Love This Giant is a sprawling behemoth, if not greater than the sum of its parts, then certainly twice as weird.

Irrevocably intertwined, it’s fun to play “spot the influences.” However, the album’s greatest moments stem from ideas that wouldn’t be at home in either artist’s solo efforts. Byrnes shines on twisted calypso song “The One Who Broke Your Heart,” reveling a funk trekked in from backing band the Dap-Kings. Meanwhile, origami-like opening track “Who” sandwiches an aggressive duet among its whirlwind of guitars, both musicians singing as though having the time of their lives.

December Radio David Byrne Presents: Arabia

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