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By Fernando Scoczynski Filho

Perhaps no one saw this coming, but it seems natural to see two great pop minds such as these working together. David Byrne & St. Vincent have just announced a collaborative album, entitled Love This Giant, which had been in the works for almost three years. It is set to be released on September 11th, and followed by a tour.

Mr. Byrne had the following to say about the release: “Annie suggested we use a brass band rather than the typical rock ensemble—which would brilliantly solve the sound problems inherent in performing in a small joint like Housing Works. […] I loved this idea and suggested we write some tunes based on this brass concept, just a few to see if we could actually work together and to see if we both liked the results. That was a few years ago. The writing was truly collaborative: sometimes Annie would send me some synthesized versions of brass or guitar riffs and I would arrange them a bit and write a tune and words over them; other times this process would be reversed and I would send some musical ideas to Annie for her to write over. […] It was an education that involved figuring out the variety of sounds and approaches one could come up with using more or less the same group makeup on every song—we could go funky or majestic with the exact same band. […] A lot of people, hearing a description of this project, assumed that it might be an artsy indulgence, but somehow it didn’t turn out that way. It’s a pop record—well, in my book anyway. I started to sense that we were ending up with a sound and approach I’d never heard before.”

December Radio David Byrne Presents: Arabia

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