Stop Making Sense on Bluray

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By Michael Giltz

Jonathan Demme's concert film of Talking Heads is indeed one of the greatest concert films of all time. Actually, it was the very first film I got to see at an advance screening when I was a critic for my college newspaper. The other local critic didn't show up so I was alone in a cavernous theater with a giant screen that would soon be chopped up into two screens as multiplexes took over. I knew Talking Heads were good but hadn't really paid attention to them yet, despite a very active record buying habit. So I was completely alone when the film began, David Byrne shambled out and started to play "Psycho Killer" on an acoustic guitar. As the film progressed and the excitement built, as more and more band members came on stage and the music grew bigger and bigger and Demme's brilliant visuals captured the group at the height of its powers, I was simply overwhelmed and only my natural Catholic inhibitions kept me from dancing in the aisles. I've seen it enough times since then to know this was an honest reaction to a great, great film, which looks and sounds better than ever on BluRay. Needless to say, I walked out of the movie theater and headed straight to the record store where I gorged on three or four of their albums. You'll do the same if you're not already a fan. Ranks with Jazz On A Summer's Day and The Last Waltz.

December Radio David Byrne Presents: Arabia

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