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Todo Mundo - March Radio: Identity Heft, South Africa

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March Radio: Identity Heft, South Africa

This month's playlist is curated by Todomundo's Music Coordinator, Jasper Berg, who recently visited his family in Cape Town, South Africa.

While there isn’t much genre continuity, this month’s playlist represents an overall paradigm shift in popular music produced in South Africa. 

Perhaps the reason why South African musicians have had little success in ‘the West’ is because there has been an expectation that it all needs to sound… you know… African. There had been a period where it seemed as though musicians were fascinated by the success of artists overseas, and looked to create music that would cater specifically to Western audiences. I couldn’t help but notice that in following that school of thought, the music suffered, and unfortunately, that particular model for success didn’t seem to work.

A few months ago, when I made my semi-annual visit to Cape Town to see my parents and extended family, I quickly developed a keen excitement for the general direction South African music seemed to be headed. The music sounded unique; all to its own.  South African bands such as BEACH PARTY, producers like Thor Rixon, and rappers like Okmalumkoolkat appear to be making music FOR South Africans.  The music celebrates who they are as a people, as South Africans, with melodies, rhythms, and lyrics unique to that corner of the world. The desire for overseas success appears to have disappeared.

Young South Africans seem to be realizing it’s not America for whom they need to make music, but for South Africa—a young nation, still evolving. The musicians are using music to navigate the incredibly rough waters of a country still very-much figuring out what it is. This gives me all the more reason to share some selections from my latest trip, because I find the music and the heart behind it all so much more captivating than music being forced out to cater to a world not willing to even give it a chance. Except for Die Antwoord. They’ve done very well. 

I’d love to thank my cousin Tourmaline and her brilliant colleagues at naasMUSIC for their suggestions and eager helping hand in acquiring some of these admittedly, hard-to-acquire tracks.  

– Jasper Berg

Hello Beautiful Stardust
Tellaman ft. Okmalumkoolkat Drinks & Music (Cuebur Remix) Amazon
Beatenberg Rafael iTunes
Maramza Cut the Cake (ft. Moonchild)
Amy Lester x Thor Rixon La Llorna
Booklub Western Hours
Diamond Thug Man Who Makes the Law Bandcamp
Andy Islands Blue Screener Bandcamp
Card On Spokes On The Low (ft. OkMalumKoolKat & Nonku Phiri) iTunes
The Moths Dick Dastardly Bandcamp
Bye Beneco Paraffin iTunes
Medicine Boy Gimme Ya Love Bandcamp
BEACH PARTY Swim Together Bandcamp
Beatenberg Chelsea Blakemore iTunes
Thor Rixon Misery Belle ft. Inge Beckmann Bandcamp
Christian Tiger School Electric Mountain
Petite Noir Shadows Amazon
Gateway Drugs Dare Tonight Amazon
John Wizards Muizenberg Amazon
Petite Noir Till We Ghosts Amazon
Nomadic Orchestra Zoom Amazon
Boyzn Bucks Mswenkofontein (Feat. Okmalumkoolkat, Stilo Magolide & u_Sanele) Soundcloud
DJ Spoko Spaceship ft. Diamond G Bandcamp
Gateway Drugs Give Me Your Love Amazon
Sylvan Aztok Martian Jungle 7 Bandcamp
Nomadic Orchestra Balkanto Amazon
Fever Trails Scrum Soundcloud
daddy warbucks that exit Soundcloud
The Fridge Ucash
Sakawa Boys Lazy Eys
BEACH PARTY Run Bandcamp
Al Bairre When I Was Tall Soundcloud
Albany Lore The Cynic's Surrender
Sutherland Sinner Soundcloud


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