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This month's radio playlist is curated by Todomundo friend and collaborator, Noah Wall, who is also a talented musician, designer and inventor of the home drone.

Some of us are taking stock. That’s the tradition. It’s Jan 1—what have we accomplished in the last 365 days? What a lot of days! Time to assess and draft new, revised lists. What resolutions did I make this time last year? Which ones did I break? Some were shitty ideas to begin with. Some good ones popped up in September and wasn’t that funny? Still working on some old ones. That’s cool.

This playlist is about two hours, which is plenty of time for some planning. Do whatever you want while listening but try making resolutions the first hour and breaking resolutions the second. There’s a broad range of genres and periods represented but everything on this mix served me well this past year. Happy listening and 2015!

— Noah Wall

Ivor Cutler Jam Amazon
Canned Heat Poor Moon Amazon
Yellow Magic Orchestra Wild Ambitions
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Telephone and Rubber Band Amazon
Lijadu Sisters Come On Home Amazon
Duke Ellington Arabesque Cookie Amazon
Haruomi Hosono Kinu Kaido
The Flying Lizzards The Window Amazon
The Makers Don't Challenge Me Amazon
The Gist Iambic Pentameter Amazon
Lydia Ainsworth Moonstone Amazon
Megafortress Never Becomer Amazon
The Lines Airlift Amazon
Don Cherry Karmapa Chenno Amazon
The Rotary Connection Want You to Know
Ivor Cutler Flies Amazon
Young Ejecta Welcome to Love Amazon
Camberwell Now Sitcom
Julia Holter Don't Make Me Over Amazon
Family Fodder Der Leiermann (Organ Grinder) Amazon
Zonotope™ Comcast® EntityContact™ On Demand Bandcamp
Dezurik Sisters I Left Her Standing There Amazon
Bridget St. John Some Kind of Beautiful Amazon
Haruomi Hosono Funiculi Funicura (Denza-Kiyono-Aoki)
Alan Howarth Cowboy Fight to Prison Amazon
Laurie Anderson Sharkey's Day Amazon
Ambitious Lovers & Arto Lindsay Let's Be Adult Amazon
Alex Chilton Hey! Little Child Amazon
Yellow Magic Orchestra Light In Darkness
Peter Gabriel Intruder Amazon
The Raincoats Family Treet Amazon
Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou The Mad Man’s Laughter Amazon
Pharoah Sanders Japan Amazon
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Bettye Swann


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