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Todo Mundo - November Radio: Viva Mexico Part 1

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November Radio: Viva Mexico Part 1

I was asked to compile a playlist of some of my favorite Mexican music for a proposed public art exhibition in Mexico City. It turned out I had quite a bit of music on my computer—enough for 6 hours of no repeats! So, as these monthly streaming "radio" playlists usually last about 3 hours, I divided it in half. Here is part one.

There is no sequential order or order of preference. There are songs from records that are 20 years old and some that just came out a few months ago. Most are pop songs—I stayed away from classical or folkloric recordings, though there is lot of great stuff there as well. What excites me is that many of these artists have found ways to incorporate their Mexican musical heritage and culture into what might be called the global pop form. The stuff doesn't sound like imitations of North American or UK alt-rock—though there are plenty of groups I didn't include that do sound a bit like someone else. These ones sound like nothing but themselves. 

I recently watched a documentary called Hecho En Mexico that is a kind of cultural portrait of the country told through contemporary music. It features a lot of the artists on this playlist. Highly recommended—I watched it streaming on Netflix. (I think.) There are subtitles—even the lyrics are subtitled. The soundtrack is not available in North America as far as I can tell.


Café Tacvba El Puñal Y El Corazón Amazon
Julieta Venegas Me Voy [Live]
Los De Abajo El Indio (Macaco Remix) Amazon
Lila Downs Misa Oaxaqueña Amazon
Natalia & La Forquetina Cuando Todo Cambia Amazon
Carla Morrison
Natalia & La Forquetina Solamente Te Lo Doy A Ti Amazon
Mexican Institute of Sound El Jefe Amazon
Mariachi El Bronx Spread Thin Amazon
Café Tacvba Pez Amazon
Julieta Venegas Otro Sol Amazon
Natalia Lafourcade a Dueto con Rodrigo Amarante Azul Amazon
Café Tacvba Zopilotes Amazon
Rana Santacruz Ya Me Voy Amazon
Ana Tijoux Volver Amazon
Natalia & La Forquetina Tic Tac Amazon
Café Tacvba Las Flores Amazon
Mariachi El Bronx Everything Dies Amazon
Julieta Venegas Si Tú No Estas Amazon
Ana Tijoux Las Horas (feat. Solo Di Medina) Amazon
Natalie Lafourcade Azul Amazon
Café Tacvba Tan Mal Amazon
Mariachi El Bronx Poverty's King Amazon
Julieta Venegas No Seré Amazon
Bomba Estéreo Música Acción Amazon
Ana Tijoux Mi Mitad (feat. Javier Barría) Amazon
Carla Morrison Hasta la Piel Amazon
Rana Santacruz Guajolote Y Pavorreal Amazon
Líber Terán Té Amargo
Julieta Venegas Eterno Amazon
Natalia Lafourcade Nino Hojas Amazon
La Santa Cecilia El Farol Amazon
Café Tacvba Como Te Extraño Amazon
Natalia Lafourcade a Dueto con Miguel Bosé Si No Pueden Quererte Amazon
Café Tacvba Ojala Que Llueva Cafe Amazon
Natalia Lafourcade a Dueto con Vicentico Piensa en Mí Amazon
Café Tacvba Arrullo Amazon
Carla Morrison Pan Dulce Amazon
Nelly Furtado Bajo Otra Luz Amazon
Café Tacvba Alarmala de tos Amazon
Ondatrópica Suena Amazon
La Santa Cecilia Finita Amazon
Carla Morrison Suciedad Amazon
Bomba Estéreo La Boquilla Amazon
Gerardo Ortiz Quién Se Anima Amazon
Lhasa De Sela Con Toda Palabra Amazon
Julieta Venegas Bien o Mal Amazon


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