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Todo Mundo - Meltdown Daily Digest: August 26th

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Meltdown Daily Digest: August 26th

Sam Green took the stage last night to present the London premiere of his live documentary, Measure of All Things, in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The evening combined live music and Sam's personal commentary, as well as, well...the film!—all coming together to "illustrate perfectly the wonderful weirdness of the world we live in."

Meltdown Festival's young journalists-in-residence was the first on the scene with the review below.
By Honor Virden, Southbank Centre Blog

The New York-based filmmaker Sam Green opened his live-music documentary showing with The Rainbow Man’s Ex, a short piece as intriguing and unusual as it sounds, which makes a surprising link between an eccentric and notorious sporting fan and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

In The Measure Of All Things, with its documentary film footage, in-person commentary and live music, Green illustrates perfectly the wonderful weirdness of the world we live in. Somehow through his childlike fascination for the Guinness Book of World Records he hints at the humanity and evolution of society in each featured story but without attempting to patronise you with moral conclusions.

Matched with his soothing and honest method of speech, you feel lulled into a happy tranquillity with existence, like a child being read a bedtime story that somehow encompasses everything you need to know about humanity without being distressing. It does contain darker moments – such as the man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours or the suicide of the man who survived being struck by lightning seven times because he said he was ‘unlucky in love’.

The soft visual tones of Green were matched by a musical accompaniment so well rehearsed that if it weren’t for the richness of sound you could forget it was live. It was essentially a beautiful experience.


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