David Byrne will tour Australia this November

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Photo by Jody Rogac

By Double J

David Byrne is one of modern music’s most exciting and beloved innovators. Since forming Talking Heads back in the mid-70s, we’ve relied on this artist to deliver music that is as boundary-pushing as it is danceable.

The way he approaches music means that his catalogue is without peer. On top of Talking Heads’ eight brilliant albums, Byrne has released a broad range of fascinating work under his own name and in collaboration with a raft of other sensational artists.

Earlier this year we pleaded to the universe to convince David Byrne to return to Australia in 2018. The universe listened, and the universe delivered.

This morning, David Byrne has announced four Australian dates to take place this November, in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Byrne was last in Australia for shows with St. Vincent five years ago, but he hasn’t come out for his own tour since his 2009, when he was on his David Byrne and Brian Eno tour.

When announcing that he’d be back on the road in 2018, Byrne said that the tour he had pulled together was his most ambitious since making the Stop Making Sense film. And we believe him: footage from Byrne’s shows all over the world has been absolutely spectacular.

The fact that he is bringing it to Australia - the entire 12-piece touring line up - ought to fill music lovers across the country with immense joy. We cannot wait.

David Byrne plays the following shows:

Tuesday 20 November - ICC Sydney Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday 21 November - Convention Centre, Gold Coast
Saturday 24 November - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
Sunday 25 November - AEC Arena, Adelaide

Tickets are on sale from Monday 18 June.

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