X-Press 2 - Muzikizum


As the Ballistic Brothers, Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle quickly established themselves as the brightest lights on the Brighton club scene. Now, with a new name and a renewed sense of purpose, the talented trio are making their most essential music to date. Muzikizum is a superb commercial package, blending Ibiza-friendly house with a slick pop sensibility that's tailor-made for all but the most elitist of dance floors. It may not be the most radical music being made right now, but what X-Press 2 lack in creative ambition they more than make up for in quality. Typical is the languorous hit 'Lazy', which features vocals from Belfast DJ David Byrne and a 4x4 beat that's as infectious as anything else in the charts right now. So relentlessly optimistic that it makes Fatboy Slim seem like a depressive, Muzikizum is enough to make any dedicated clubber want to move to Brighton immediately.

March Radio Davi Byrne Presents: Turkey Is Amazing

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