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Todo Mundo - August Radio: A Transatlantic Mix, by Javybz

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Luaka Bop Radio Takeover!

August Radio: A Transatlantic Mix, by Javybz

Gotland, Sweden. July, 2015

I first heard about Julia and Anna through my friend Sam, a neuroscientist and classically trained musician who goes by the name Floating Points. Sam told me how he, Julia, and Anna go on these wonderful road trips together, digging for records all over the country. “You know they always play the best stuff - you should have them on the show!” he said. “Julia lives in New York, but Anna lives in Russia, and Julia would never do a show without her. They always DJ together.” That sounded a bit complicated, but also very exciting.  I loved the thought of doing a collaborative show where one of the people lived on the other side of the world. I decided to ask Julia, and a month or two later they had put together this beautiful mix of songs — after bouncing tracks they would like to play back and forth across the Atlantic.

They decided to call their show the Transatlantic Mix, letting the great Atlantic Ocean that separated the two of them also inspire their selection of music. With myself being somewhere in between them (on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea), we had to record this months opening piece via Skype. When I listened to this mix the first time, I loved its diversity and how the origin of each track literally bounced from one place to another. I also wasn’t surprised that I didn’t know any of the tracks myself, given that Julia visits practically every record in America, while Anna does the same in Europe…

Julia and Anna are also known by their DJ name Javybz and you can enjoy more of their music on Mixcloud or Soundcloud, and their great show on NTS 

I hope that you have had a nice summer and that hope you like this month’s show.



Luaka Bop

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Gemini II com Tio e Os Seis Lindo
Jeff Silna It's Always Something With You
Tatsu Yamashita Day Dream
Theadora Ifudu Four In A Tangle
Spike Kanti Dadum
Javier Bergia Midnight Round Mekines Amazon
Bibiloni Migas
Hailu Mergia Shilela
Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points Mimoun Marhaba Amazon
Admas Highlife
Nenad Markovic Weather Vibes Amazon
Frederic Castel Open Up
Jean-Pierre Mirouze Sexopolis Amazon
Cosmos Universal Band Third Eye
Marcos Valle Voo Cego
Edu Lobo Limite Das Aguas Amazon
Antonio Adolfo Caminhada (Instrumental Version) Amazon
Shintaro Sakamoto Don't Know What's Normal Amazon
Babyman Sexy In The Night
Nohelani Cypriano Lihue Amazon
Sonya Spence Let Love Flow On Amazon


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