Dec 13 2018 | News

50 Best Albums of 2018

Dec 12 2018 | News

Best concerts of 2018: pop, rock, rap and country

Dec 11 2018 | News

Listen to David Byrne’s New EP “...The Best Live Show Of All Time” —NME

Dec 11 2018 | News

David Byrne on the live EP he’s named after an NME review quote

Dec 11 2018

Just released! Live EP containing 6 songs recorded at the Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY.

Dec 7 2018 | News

Several Nonesuch Albums Nominated for 61st Grammy Awards

Dec 7 2018 | News

Grammys 2019 nominees (Kendrick, Kacey Musgraves, Cardi B, Drake, St. Vincent, Deafheaven, more)

Dec 5 2018 | News

David Byrne Rode His Bike to Our Office and Talked About Everything

Dec 5 2018 | News

Best Music Of 2018

Dec 4 2018 | News

Best of Criterion’s New Releases, November 2018

Dec 3 2018 | News

Listen to David Byrne’s “Eclectic for the Holidays” playlist

Dec 1 2018 | Radio

David Byrne Presents: Eclectic for the Holidays

Nov 30 2018 | News

The inside story of the North Texas actors and locations in David Byrne’s cult film ‘True Stories’

Nov 29 2018 | News

A Celebration of Specialness: David Byrne’s True Stories (1986)

Nov 29 2018 | News

David Byrne’s American Triptych

December Radio David Byrne Presents: Eclectic for the Holidays

More Info
A Collaboration
With David Byrne &
The Detroit School Of The Arts
American Utopia:
A Reason To Be Cheerful.
'American utopia?
Maybe it means togetherness—
like a group effort. We're all in
this thing together, and we
just need to know that.'

—Michael Brown
12th Grade, Vocal Performance Student

©Reasons To Be Cheerful