Top 10 Concerts of 2018

Via Boca Magazine

By John Thomason

We here at reviewed a lot of concerts in 2018—more than in any previous year, according to my completely unscientific tally. With all due respect to Spoon and Britney Spears and Billy Idol and the rest, here are the 10 that most linger in our memories.

(Thanks to James Biagiotti and Christiana Lilly for contributing to this list.)

1. David Byrne, Sept. 29 at Fillmore Miami Beach

David Byrne did what he has always done—reinvent the rock concert as theatrical spectacle—and made it look effortless. The former Talking Heads frontman, dressed in an elegant gray suit, kicked off the show alone, cradling a human brain, and welcomed his band piecemeal, until a symphony of dancer-musicians cluttered the Fillmore Stage, joyously playing their mobile instruments while mastering Byrne’s unorthodox choreography. The set list, generously balanced with vintage material and recent gems, pleased everybody.

June Radio David Byrne Radio Presents: Everyone Does Everything (Afro Psychedelic 2.0)

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