David Byrne Radio Presents: Khruangbin Walk In mix

by Todomundo

I was invited to do some walk-in music for a small Khruangbin show on March 27th at the Bowery Ballroom in advance of their upcoming tour -

David Byrne Radio Presents: Now and Then

by Todomundo

As evidenced from this playlist, the range of styles and combinations is astounding.

David Byrne Presents: Stompin’ Brass for a New Year

by Todomundo

I’ve posted some of these before but also added some updated tracks as well!

David Byrne Presents: Songs That Make Me Cry

by Todomundo

Why do we like this? Why do we luxuriate in sadness and heartbreak?

David Byrne Presents: Latin Alternative Now

by Todomundo

In 2019 I went to Mexico City to join Cafe Tacuba for one song in their second MTV Unplugged show- I’m a big fan of what they do and the unplugged show did not disappoint- almost every song was in a different style! Gustavo Santaolallia was musical director- he’s also exec producer of the Break It All TV series, so, it’s all connected. I also got to meet Natalia LaFourcade who is also featured on this playlist and on a recent song exploder episode.

David Byrne Presents: “Andean Ocean 2” by Javelin

by Todomundo

Javelin (not to be confused with the metal band of the same name) is a band who have released records through Luaka Bop. They also create mixtape-collages and have generously offered that we can stream the latest one, Andean Ocean II here. It is one hour long, no breaks. Below is an explanation in their own words how these have evolved.

-David Byrne

David Byrne Presents: Indie Pop

by Todomundo

A short playlist of recent releases that might fall under the category - Indie Pop.

David Byrne Presents: Under the Covers

by Todomundo

Here's a playlist of songs covered by unexpected artists who step outside their usual genre for material and and then personalize it. Often, their interpretation gives the song a new meaning...and sometimes the cover is the version we associate with the song, even though the song may have been recorded and released previously by the artist who wrote it.

Working Women Present: Crown Shyness

by Todomundo

The NYC based DJ collective Working Women for August Radio!

Every Song Is A Love Song

by Todomundo

A playlist of love songs by Steph Smith.

David Byrne Presents: The How Music Works Playlist

by Todomundo

To celebrate the 2017 edition of How Music Works published by Three Rivers Press, this month's radio is a mix of songs referenced throughout the book. The edition includes a new chapter on curation that explores four ways we discover music in the digital age: recommendation by experts, by the music itself, by social and cultural forces, and by narrative and context.

Bill Ross Presents: Contemporary Color Roadtrip

by Todomundo

My name is Bill Ross and I recently made a film with my brother and David. In the year leading up to the Contemporary Color shows, the three of us traveled a lot together to film and meet the color guard teams...

Noah Wall Presents: Winter Mix!

by Todomundo

Brusque transitions!
Songs of Winter, Spring, and Summer!
Bobby McFerrin before Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
A bowed metal fence in Australia!

A Funk/Disco Mix by Ahmed Gallab

by Todomundo

Ahmed Gallab takes over DB Radio this month with dance jams for any time of year!


by Eric Welles Nyström

By way of Luaka Bop, Camilla Wasserman takes DB Radio on a musical journey inspired by her supportive group of female friends.

Music for Resolutions

by Noah Wall

This New Year playlist takeover comes by way of Noah Wall. The playlist is about two hours, which is plenty of time for some planning—try making resolutions the first hour and breaking resolutions the second!


by LeeAnn Rossi

Guest host LeeAnn Rossi took a trip to Peru and Ecuador and was introduced to pop culture through local radio during her long trips as a passenger in a car. She curates this month's radio mix, which includes a lot of dated English hits—from The Eagles to Céline Dion covers—to Peruvian flute folk music, to anthems her friends sung along to from memory, having grown up there. And plenty of Shakira!

July Radio David Byrne Radio Presents: Todo El Mundo

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