Here is a collection of songs I have been jamming to lately that in some way have had a physical effect on me. Sometimes I'd catch myself swaying in the subway and I would say to myself, "Ha! Oh no—I'm that guy now." Or I would have to full-on stop what I was doing at work and just yell, "Whooooo!" and turn the stereo way up. (Thankfully I don't work at an office.) The best thing that happens to me while listening to some of these songs is that I get the chills—that spine-melting, creepy-crawly feeling that comes out of the blue. You know, as if reality and your emotional landscape are expanding simultaneously? As if the moment could be a glimpse at something infinite. Maybe I'm just a hippie or something, but I hope these songs give you a similar feeling and make you move in some way.

Steven Reker

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