How Does The Brain Wave?

My love- can measure the distance
My space- that lies in-between
Your tubes- expanding and the universe is too
Locked on- to the satellite’s beam

How does the brain wave?
How do my insides say hello?
We feel the same way
Passion, crashing, smashing down the door
Fallin to the floor
Who’s that on the phone?
Where is ev’ryone?

Rewire- a new application
I have- enough memory
Why not introduce your new imaginary friend?
She’s not (like)a stranger to me

The stars above you
The lights beyond our galaxy
The song you’re singin’
Spacy, sexy, slightly out a key
Bringing it for me
Perfect harmony
I might never leave

She is- beyond evolution
She says- it’s foggy out there
Wait till the scientists begin to understand
I’d like to see her again

How does the brain wave?
I think she wants to say hello
We feel the same way
Spacy, sexy, losin’ my control (crazy on a roll?)
How was I to know?
Who’s that on the phone?
Where is ev’ryone?


All songs produced by Baby Elephant
All skits written by Prince Paul
Executive Producer: Philip Di Fiore
Co-Executive Producer: Nikos Katsaounis
Engineered & Mixed by Albert Di Fiore
Additional Mixing on #6, #9 #10, & #13 by Scotty Hard
Recorded at: Edison Studios, NYC
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, TurtleToneStudios
Design by Thomas Schmid
Special Thanks: Michelle Boyer, Adam Oppenheim and Steve Potter

"How Does the Brain Wave?" by Worrell/Huston/Newkirk/Byrne
DJRoc Raida on turntables. Nona Hendryx additional vocals. Blips and Beeps provided by David Baron.
David Byrne appears courtesy of Nonesuch Records.

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