His Wife Refused

A great big house- with nothing in it
He comes home says now wait a minute
He's comin' in she's goin' out
He turns around says, what's that about?

Do what they like, the kid's in school
Think she don't know, now, who's kidding who?
He turns around says who wants to know?
Open the door and there's nobody home!

Go ahead, fill their heads
Go ahead, fill their heads with poison
Take a look, these people are savages!
Take a look, at their misfortune

I'm goin' up I got a message
I'm gonna wait till I close the door
I'm gonna wrap, myself in blankets
I'm gonna, roll out, across the floor

Well the bride bride and the groom
Run in a circle around their house
They're goin' out they're comin' in
Inside a circle around their house

These shoes don't fit- this tie don't match
I'm gonna throw it away when I get home.
I'm turned around I'm doin' my best
I'm gonna wait until the light comes on.

Yes he's the king and she's the queen
Run in a circle around their house.
Open the door and let them in
Inside a circle around their house.


Artist Credit
Barry Anderson Dancer
Adrian Belew Guitar (Steel)
Ulvin Belfast Arranger
Stephen Blagrove Drums
John Bradbury Drums
Murray Brenman Design
Michael Brook Maracas Mbira, Remixing
David Byrne Bass, Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Greg Calbi Mastering
Jean Chachua Guitar
Terry Chambers Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer Drums
Roger Charlery Composer
John Chernoff Gong
Stewart Copeland Composer, Drums, Percussion
Andy Cox Composer, Guitar
Dick Cuthell Cornet, Percussion, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Jerry Dammers Organ
Hans Devente Vocal Support
Aïyb Dieng Talking Drum
Satch Dixon Percussion
George Kwame Dzikunu Drums
Ekome Dance Company Performer, Primary Artist
The English Beat Primary Artist
Brian Eno Synthesizer, Treatments
John Entwistle Bass
Paul Fitzgerald Engineer
Nic France Drums
Sharon A. Francis Dancer
Peter Gabriel Composer, Performer, Primary Artist
Peter Hammill Bodhran, Chinese Drums, Composer, Kora, Primary Artist, Producer, Shaker, Vocals
Jon Hassell Primary Artist, Trumpet
Pauline Hawthorne Dancer
Rick Henderson Mixing
Tim Holmes Sax (Soprano)
Yogi Horton Drums
Baayork Lee Remixing
Steve Lillywhite Mixing, Producer
David Lord Engineer, Producer
Billy Lovelady Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Prince Nico Mbarga Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Mighty Sparrow Performer, Primary Artist
Everett Moreton Drums
Morris Bass
Everett Morton Composer
Colin Moulding Bass
Peter Oxendale Prophet 5
Hugh Padgham Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Andy Partridge Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Sax (Alto), Vocals
Morris Pert Composer, Percussion, Primary Artist, Prophet Synthesizer
Ranking Roger Vocals
David Rhodes Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Rocafil Jazz Performer, Primary Artist
Rico Rodriguez Composer, Trombone, Vocals
Saxa Saxophone
Shankar Composer, Primary Artist, Producer, Violin, Vocals
Dave Steele Composer
Norman Stephenson Dancer
Pete Townshend Composer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer, Violin, Vocals
Dave Wakeling Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Mike White Liner Notes
Bernie Worrell Mini Moog
XTC Performer, Primary Artist

September Radio David Byrne Presents: Songs That Make Me Cry

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