Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip combines elements of ambient, spoken word, and trip hop to expand the ideas of artistic collage and spiritual transcendence of "the Beats." The album is an offshoot of a larger project called The Beat Experience, which explored the legacy of the Beat movement. -

"The Red Hot Organization’s eighth compilation Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip — the proceeds of which benefit AIDS groups — explores post-rock with the same agility as 1995’s Red Hot + Bothered did the indie scene. The record morphs from trip-hoppy rhythms to ambient echoes to trance. The one blemish is Amiri Baraka’s wanna-Beat poetry, which would have been better left to Gil Scott-Heron. Otherwise, Skylab, Laika, and DJs Krush and Spooky spin rave-worthy sounds. A-"

- Entertainment Weekly

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