Asa Branca

When I heard the land was burning
Like the bonfires of São João
I asked God up there in His heaven
What is happening to us now?

What a hellfire, what a furnace,
Not a tree was left alive
And all my cattle, they lay there dying
Even my horse, dear, did not survive

And the white winged dove has flown now,
Far away from this burnt land
And so I say now, adeus Rosinha,
Know in my heart I’ll be back again

Now I live in this big city,
Such a long, long way away
But when I hear that the rain is falling,
Back to my home I’ll return someday

And the land one day will blossom,
Like the green that’s in your eyes
And I assure you, my dear Rosinha,
I will be back here, right by your side

I Wish

I wish I hadn't fallen
And I wish I'd never strayed
I wish that I could see you again and nothing ever changed
And I wish that I was sleeping back in your folding bed and
And I wish that I could stop crying and ease my head in (?)

Let them go, let them rise
Let them sit on their ass and cry
Let them be what they wanna be
I wish the best for you

I wish I had some money
And I wish you had some, too
I wish it wasn't someone else spending time with you

Okay, give me those (?) bells, give me that (?)
Give me the money you owe me for our home
Give me one (?)
Give me one I can't have
Well you, let me on my own

I wish that I was crippled
I wish that I was climbed and
I wish that I hadn't seen your fucking perfect smile
I know I am not perfect
Please, please I've tried
It takes the one you truly love to make a grown man cry
And somewhere there is someone
Someone I haven't met
Who like me's a bottle of contradictions and a pile of shattered nuts


Produced by Mauro Refosco and Forro in The Dark
Mixed by Pat Dillett at Kampo Studios
Mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound
Engineered by Pat Dillett, Yuki Takahashi, Tom Durack, Mauro Refosco
Recorded from May to August 2006 at Kampo Studios, Superlegal Studios, Spam
Factory, Didis Living Room

Executive Produce:r Ilhan Ersahin
Project Manager: Petrit Pula

Art by Celaine Refosco
Art Direction: Renata Zincone

Special guest appearances by:

David Byrne, courtesy of Nonesuch Records
Bebel Gilberto appears courtesy of Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs
Miho Hatori

Nublu Records © 2006

May Radio David Byrne Radio Presents: How?

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