We have redesigned and completely changed the focus of the website. Like many websites, this used to be more or less an online archive—if you were persistent and dug enough you could find pretty much anything. Now we are changing the focus in two significant ways.

The emphasis will now be on what’s new: announcements, videos, music, blog posts and commentary. The deep archives will still be there (or will migrate there in the next few months), but they won’t be in the foreground as they were previously.

The second change is that the site will not be exclusively about me, me, me. Others will contribute work, writing and playlists. There will be space for comments, too, so maybe some of the issues, work and stuff that gets presented will encourage some wider discussion.

As always, there are no ads and nothing is sponsored. Why work for nothing? (I hate that the internet presumes we should all work for nothing!) I have discovered that sometimes the stuff here does engage people—they find out about events, music, books or performances they might not have known about—and sometimes the longer journal posts have actually stimulated not just discussion, but have led to connections and collaborations.

Lastly, the design is all new—Noah Wall and Brian Whitton, who also did the website for the record I did with St. Vincent, are doing this—and it’s a work in progress. As content gets updated and more archives migrate over it will gain depth, but for now it’s an exciting fresh start.

David Byrne

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